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Machine method of mermanent makeup lips, eyelines and eyebrow hair

  • skin pucture frequency up to 420 times per second
  • shortened treatment time
  • pigmentation increased by 300% in a time unit
  • redution of pain, swelling and skin irritation
  • because we offer the one and only individual technology utilising three needles working simultaneously and alternately (protected by copyright and patented by Szwedo Group)
  • extraordinary operation speed (420 skin punctures per second), uniform skin puncture frequency and precise needle penetration regardless of skin texture is assured by an engine whose drive is transferred onto a toothed gear transmission and a connecting-rod (like in a car engine). The innovative construction and operation of our device accounts for its innovative character, uniqueness and reliability. The device guarantees success while performing a permanent makeup of lips, eyebrows and eyelines as well as medical makeup
  • during the operation of our device no negative pressure is created when the needle is pulled out of the tissue. Therefore, no pigment spills out of the skin (as is the case of one-needle devices of other companies). Quite the contrary, the dye is applied under the skin surface, which results in a very clear image
Sticking one needle into the skin. When the needle is taken out, negative pressure causes a large amount of the pigment to escape. Three needles working alternately penetrate the skin independently. The speed of the needles stuck into the skin equals the speed of the ones taken out. When two needles are stuck into the skin, one needle is taken out, which significantly reduces the negative pressure. The result is improved effect of applying pigment under the skin surface.
  • sterile and disposable needles guarantee the safety treatments
  • maximum reduction of vibrations accounts for perfect makeup
Zestaw ODED
The ODED device is warranted for 2 years.
We offer a 24-hour order processing and technical support.

The ODED kit contains:

  • needles - 20 sets
  • cups - 20 pieces
  • the ODED device
  • 5 ml dyes - 7 pieces
    (beautiful shades of pink and red for about 120 treatments)
  • correction fluid, deadener, fixing solution
  • stand, contour pen, tweezers
  • power supply
  • training and promotional materials, posters

Utilising the new method allows to:

  • obtain skin puncture frequency from 320 to 420 per second
  • shorten the treatment time by over 60%
  • increase pigmentation in time unit by 300%
  • minimise the number of corrections after the makeup (reduce the treatment price)
  • reduce the pain, swelling and skin irritation

Our method is both the gentlest and the easiest permanent makeup method to master.
The training sessions last 2 days.
More about trainings You can read here.

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