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An innovative method of permanent makeup

  • Eyebrows do not resemble ghastly blots!Taffy
In other methods of permanent makeup skin punctures are made one next to the other, which results in eyebrows looking like blots. Using our method allows to obtain a natural image of eyebrow hairs. They may differ — from very thin to thick..
inne metody Nasza metoda Taffy
other methods our method
  • Using the feathering method allows reconstructing and supplementing eyebrow hair and applying eyeliner to eyelids (every single hair obtained in this manner is natural, very thin and long-lasting).
  • The results are so perfect that it is hard to distinguish our makeup from natural eyebrows.
  • The one-and-only, individual, patented technology protected by copyright, using needles joined in groups on a flat surface. The method guarantees:
    • 100% sterility,
    • minimal pain and swelling,
    • full control during the treatment,
    • failure-free operation due to lack of mechanical parts,
    • no or little correction needed,
    • short healing times.
Zestaw ręcznej metody piórkowej makijażu permanentnego Taffy
The TAFFY device is warranted for 2 years.
We offer a 24-hour order processing and technical support

The TAFFY kit contains:

  • feathers - 80 pieces
  • cups - 80 pieces
  • TAFFY holder
  • 5 ml dyes - 6 pieces
    (beautiful shades of brown and black for about 120 treatments)
  • correction fluid
  • deadener
  • fixing solution
  • stand
  • contour pen
  • training and promotional materials
  • posters

Our method is both the gentlest and the easiest permanent makeup method to master.
The training sessions last 2 days.
More about trainings You can read here.


Makijaż permanentny metoda piórkowa TAFFY zdjęcia przed i po

Inna metoda Inna metoda Nasza metoda
other methods other methods

our TAFFY method
(one movement pigmentation = one hair)