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Permanent makeup - new, innovative, patented technology

Makijaż permanentny metoda piórkowaPermanent makeup is an alternative to traditional makeup. It allows you to adjust the line the mouth, the enhancement and enlargement, and fill in any color. Permanent makeup is also used for correction of eyebrows and eye lines. Equipment for permanent makeup may also be used to perform bio-tattoo. Permanent makeup provides a longtime beautifying effect, and its based on the subcutaneous implantation of pigment to a depth of 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm. Permanent makeup cosmetic purpose is to fulfill the wishes of the Customer in such way, that the final result emphasized its natural beauty or correct the minor imperfections.

Permanent make-up should be in harmony with the natural features of the face, so you must carefully match the color, hue and intensity of pigment. Immediately after surgery the pigment in the skin is darker, and after a few days fade by about 40-50%.

Permanent makeup on the skin lasts about three years. Effects on durability of makeup, however, has many factors of which the most important customers find the immune system. Pigment is a mini-implant, in whose presence the body may react differently. Durability makeup also reduce all factors that accelerate the process of cellular renewal (eg. frequent exposition of the skin to sunlight). For clients in older age, the cells of the regeneration process is slower, thanks to makeup lasts longer. Permanent makeup is made with our method is extremely comfortable and gives the maximum satisfaction and the greatest possible results. Thanks our patented kits for permanent makeup:

We provide professional training in permanent makeup and use cosmetic and medical devices and sales of pigments for permanent make-up. We also offer facilities for wellness of the body with the latest generation equipment, characterized by a high level of security.

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