Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup



Pigmentation of Lips,
Eyeliner, Eyebrows and Body



We are technology creators and a producer of permanent make-up devices.

We created the TAFFY microblading system, called the feather method in Poland.

We have introduced and patented ODED - a 3-needle micropigmentation system for lips, eyes, eyebrows and body, where correction is the exception and not the rule.

As the creators and producers of TAFFY microblading and the ODED 3-needle pigmentation syste

m, we have copyrights and patents in the form of patents and trademarks.

We are the world leader in permanent makeup.

We produce certified pigments, feathers and needles for pigmentation.

We run international trainings for stylists in permanent makeup.


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Why are we the best?

About our methods of permanent makeup you can hear many positive reviews of our clients and long-term practitioners of permanent makeup.


Although our devices have been demonstrated to a wide audience recently, at the Spring 2008 fair in Warsaw, we have already been trusted by several hundred Cosmetic Studios in the country and abroad. We ensure that the TAFFY method is very popular, and its application is the success of every office. The TAFFY device usually causes astonishment among customers as to its simplicity, but at the same time impresses with the effects of the image of eyebrows and lines.

Customers watching TAFFY at work during shows often ask: "Where is the cable? Does this device have a battery and where? " Well, this device is only a hand-held device, without the need for power supply, and its only driving force is the hand of a trained cosmetologist with a TAFFY make-up certificate. "THE SIMPLICITY of this device is its genius and proves the greatness of this invention!" - that's how our long-term make-up artist has defined our method for over 20 years (!) using permanent methods.

The image of the hair we are able to obtain with the TAFFY permanent make-up device, and as a result reconstruction of the entire eyebrows, their thickening or forming, is incredibly realistic. Ladies are incredulous staring at our presentation photos on leaflets or on the Internet. We have plenty of phone inquiries to confirm information. Often ladies come from outside our country to see at the fairs at which we present our makeup the genius of this method and to undergo this procedure.

A frequently asked question is the question about the durability of TAFFY pigmentation.

We determine our makeup for approx. 3 years of durability.

The pigments that we offer and have been working for over 10 years have all the required EU quality certificates.

In general, the durability of make-up depends on many factors, regardless of the type of skin pigmentation used.

TAFFY pigmentation is almost painless and so mild that there is no irritation or swelling even immediately after the procedure. A few days after the treatment, the epidermis evenly peels off, where darker and lighter patches are formed using the traditional method.

The price of our device is one of the lowest, because in our TAFFY STARTER SET there are disposable elements for 80 treatments and pigments for about 120 pigmentation treatments.


The ODED device and its patented operating method ensures the mildest form of pigmentation.

The alternation of our needles guarantees:

    • gentle puncturing of the tissue, not jerking it
    • no swelling immediately after the procedure and on subsequent days
    • no post-treatment scabs
    • reduced lymph and blood effusion
    • less painful surgery
    • pigmentation rate

The lip contour and lines around the eyes that we are able to get with the ODED device are precise.

The introduction of pigment is not accompanied by the phenomenon of underpressure, as in other methods, therefore pigmentation is more intense and reliable. This guarantees customer satisfaction after the first pigmentation and eliminates the need for makeup correction.

A frequently asked question is the question about the durability of pigmentation made using the ODED method.

We determine our makeup for approx. 3 years of durability. The pigments we offer have all the required certificates.

The price of our device is one of the lowest, because in our ODED STARTER SET there are, in addition to the device, disposable elements for 20 treatments and pigments for about 120 pigmentation treatments.