The truth about the needles

The truth about the needles:

The needle with a diameter of 0.3 mm is the most commonly used needle in permanent make-up. It is sharpened on the average length of 2mm.

Permanent make-up needles includes needles with smaller diameters, e.g. 0.2 mm or 0.15 mm, called nano, or acupuncture needles sharpened on average at a length of 1.5 mm, which were used to significantly improve the treatment effects, e.g.  the possibility of obtaining a thinner line. Unfortunately its not true!

Besides, they are less stable because they are made of thinner wire.

While in acupuncture, the diameter of the needle (pin) is very important because it is inserted into the human body even to a depth of 1 cm, in permanent make-up it does not matter!

The reason is that we pigment not with a 0.3 mm or 0.2 mm thick pin, but just with a blade.

It does not matter if we work with a needle with a diameter of 0.2 or 0.3 mm, – when performing the permanent makeup treatment, we insert each of these needles into the tissue to a maximum depth of 0.5 mm.  In each of them the blade – the point that inserts the pigment into the tissue – is the same, no different (it is sharpened the same).