Pigments L16 Winter black

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Deep, warm, intense black color.

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Deep, warm, intense black color. Capacity 5 ml and 1 ml. Pigment for eyelines.

Szwedo Group pigments have the CTL laboratory certificate confirming their compliance with the guidelines of ReSAP (2008) 1 in the scope of purity and safety of pigments for tattoo and permanent make-up.


  • Use cold colors for warm skin
  • Use warm colors for cold skin.

Pigment for permanent make-up eyelines.

User manual:

1. The mixture used for permanent makeup (dye/pigment) must be placed in a disposable pigment container in an amount sufficient to carry out a comprehensive permanent makeup treatment.

2. The dye/pigment must be incorporated into the cuticle in accordance with the PMU manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Vasoconstrictor agents, such as ephedrine and adrenaline, must not be used in treatment.

4. Before use, the pigment should be mixed well.


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